Electron Tube FU 728F

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Metal-ceramic transmitting power tetrode at frequencies up to 150 MHz.
Oxide-coated unipotential cathode indirectly heated.

Heater: 8.5-9 A at 9 V
Warm up time: min. 180 seconds
Input capacitance: 103 pF
Output capacitance: 13.3 pF
Transfer capacitance: 0.03 pF
Anode voltage: 3 kV
G1 voltage: -110 to +10 V
G2 voltage: 350 V
Anode current: max 5 A, nominal 0.9 A
Anode dissipation: 1200 W
G2 dissipation: 12 W
G1 dissipation: 0 W
Output power single-tone: 1800 W (110MHz Class AB1)
Output power two-tone: 2500 W (110MHz Class AB1)

Maximum operating temperature: 250 °C
Cooling: forced air, 3000 l/min

diameter: 85 mm
height: 130 mm

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