Transformer type 5 - TR1

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Toroidal transformer 2240 VA for our amplifier OM2500 and OM2006  with GU84B (TR1).

Operating temperature: up to 30 °C
Necessary primary fusing: 20 A

Primary side parameters: AC, 1 phase, 50 Hz
blue wire - 0 V
brown wire - 230 V
black wire - 240 V

Secondary side parameters:
S1,2,3,4: 0V/250V 2A blue-white
S5: 0V/28V 5A blue-brown
S6,7: 0V/14V 2A red-green
S8: 0V/310V 0.2A blue-red
S9: 0V/105V 0.1A blue-yellow

Diameter: 185 mm
Height: 105 mm